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This site is for the fans of Top Fuel Motorcycles, Top Fuel V Twins and Nitro Burning Funny Bikes. Bascally ANYTHING THAT BURNS NITRO ON TWO WHEELS!!
Dragbikes on Nitro! it don't get any better than that!!
This site is also dedicated to the memory of Elmer Trett, Jim McClure, and other great racers who are no longer with us. Without them we would not have Top Fuel Motorcycles or possibly motorcycle drag racing at all.
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Upcoming Nitro Burning Motorcycle Events !!
Tom McCarthy has penned a book on Elmer Trett, Availble through Schnitz Racing
For European Happenings and results..
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For news down under
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Jim McClure
James "Puppet" DiTullio
Motorcycle Dragracing Hall of Fame !!!!
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Elmer Trett
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Here we are at the start of a new season (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) the guys down under are in the middle of their season with a tight race for Top Bike Brewing....2012 Schedule information please link to the following:
I have done away with the news portion.
I am again going to concentrate on keeping abreast of new bikes and listing them here. There are a few sites that keep up on posting news better than I could hope to.
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